About AGP

On this blog, I write about what I know best: Asian girl probs. This title might be misleading–I would never want to represent all Asian females. In fact, most times it’s not even a complete composite of my views and experiences. All I know is that everything in my life is seen from my observation post as an Asian, female, or both. There is merit in putting life into words, no matter how incomplete or problematic the final product is.

I want to tell my stories without building even more stereotypes of what it means to be an Asian female. In an ideal world, each of us would have a personal narrator recording every weird and wonderful moment of our lives. But there’s always been a dearth of Asian-American voices out there. As a voracious child reader, I found enough introverted, bookish, sensitive characters in stories (often created by likewise authors) to relate to. But if I’d read or seen an Asian girl deal with weird lunches or secret dating or weight issues, maybe I could have saved several years of angst and anxiety and took a faster path towards becoming the kind of woman I hungered to be (still working on it).

I have a group of girlfriends who call each other “Strong Asian Bitches,” and then we’ll go on retreats and unabashedly do Asian Bitch activities like drink hot water, visit a spa, or fold dumplings. The term is flawed, but it’s the easiest way to pack what we feel and believe into three words. It’s much like the blog–tongue in cheek, hyperbolic, sassy, with the higher cause of encouraging each other to claim our stories. We SABs have a right to speak up. We also have the right to remain silent, if we feel like it, without being labeled as weak or meek. We don’t need to explain ourselves or carry the burdens of our parents or compensate for any “Asian” qualities we feel we lack. It sounds like common sense, but a lot of us SABs grew up hearing all this noise that tried to convince us otherwise.

With that said, I’m done explaining myself. If I cause any offense, make a false assumption or misrepresent people, I’d love to be called out on it. Sometimes it can be like the blind leading the blind around here, but I always enjoy your company and opinions.



2 thoughts on “About AGP

  1. I recently came across your blog and have smiled, empathized, and reminisced through all of your posts. As an Asian Canadian I can relate to everything (down to the fish heads and durian). I love how accurately you’ve described the Asian-North American idiosyncrasies and the tone with which you write — always humorous, never bitter. I really think this collection would be wonderful as a published memoir (and your writing voice is much more engaging than that in similar works, like Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother). At any rate, I’ll continue to look forward to your posts 🙂

    • Shucks, thank you! After college I blindly went into a creative writing MFA program and found that memoir writing is essential to my identity and purpose in life. Finding out that someone else enjoys it is so motivating. I’ll remember this comment on days I feel ashamed to call myself a writer and don’t believe I’ll ever finish a book. I’m going to start posting more–the list of AGPs grows daily. Thanks again.

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