Asian Girl Problem #142: The Grind

Just a life update and thought evacuation. It paralyzes me to write here because I can’t remember how to do it. But what I lack in creative expression I make up for in dumb marketing copywriting. I’m pleased to announce that after four years of posing as a copywriter, I feel like I know how to do the job now. Hooray for professional competence.

But I forced myself to post something here because I can’t stand seeing my last embarrassing blog post at the top of the site. And I should make note that I’m moving to another job this month.

We all thought I wouldn’t leave my current agency for a while. Mostly because I said, “I’m not going to leave for a while.” And also, “If I can’t make it work here, I can’t make it anywhere. I’ll have to leave copywriting for good.”

But I sure tricked us. Took about two weeks before I started the hunt again. And two months later, I gave my notice for another job…that seems perfect…This time, I’ll be writing about food and humor for a “trendy” company and cool creative team. Ever since college, I’ve wanted to write for a website like Serious Eats, and this job is comes darn close. Maybe this is what I’ve been working towards all this time. Maybe other people are also starting to notice my aforementioned competence.

But like an aging bachelor who’s ceasing to see the difference between one skirt and the next, yet can’t stop chasing, I’m prepared to continue fall out of love with this job at any moment. I just hope I’ll get too lazy to keep looking, and stay put for a few years, out of complacency.

But anyway, we press on. New jobs and experiences ahead.

Funny story: I was buying a birthday gift at Papyrus for a friend who’s looking for his mojo. So I asked the saleswoman “Do you have any dating advice…gifts?” Apparently she didn’t catch the last word, so several moments of silence tick by until I finally realize the misunderstanding. “…Not personally!” I said. Every person in the shop burst into laughter, because apparently my voice carries and they were all waiting with bated breath to hear about my dilemma. “Keep an open mind?” she offered. “I met a nice fellow on Tinder…?” Lesson: Even elders and serious-looking business people are dying to hear a dating story, and active on Tinder. It’s easier to find a compassionate ear than you’d think.


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