Asian Girl Problem #140: Adulting Update

It feels wrong to update this when I’ve been so inactive, but also wrong not to, amidst all the changes that will affect future content. So this month:

I started going to therapy and confirmed that it is the biggest contribution of Western medicine. I don’t care how well-adjusted you are (except for hating you a little bit). Everyone can benefit from talking to an unbiased professional, and it’s like no other kind of human interaction.

Starting a new job this week. It will take a couple weeks to adjust to a real life, where I have responsibilities, need to put on pants, talk to people, and resist napping. I’ll be going back to an agency as a copywriter, but I still can’t believe I actually got this job. You know when you walk out of an interview feeling nauseous because you want the job so badly and can’t handle a rejection? That was me. I’ll be focusing on writing ads for an Asian-American audience, and applying all the nuances of Asian-Am values, history and media to advertising.

I also went on my first online date in several months. Since I came back from China, I’ve only been interested in people who might be very compatible with me. So I’d look through Tinder without making an effort to meet with anyone who didn’t meet my list of qualities. (Not recommended. Unless you’re burnt out from meeting 28 people in 6 months and spinsterhood sounds less like a threat and more like a reward —>me) It’s too early to elaborate on this guy, but suffice to say I’m definitely making my therapist work for his fees.


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