Asian Girl Problem #137: A Bit & A Bite of China

Did anyone expect the 10-day trip I was taking in China shortly after my last post to turn into a month-long immigration nightmare, and then a radically sweet vacation? Talk about an Asian Girl Problem.

Over the course of February, I spent quiet days in the hospital with my grandma, slept through most of Chinese New Year due to jetlag, and felt isolated and uncomfortable. However, once I found out I’d be staying for another two weeks, my itinerary changed and I explored fabulous cities I’ve never been to before, found common ground with new friends, and grew closer than ever with my parents (my dad was with me most of the time, and my mom showed her love from afar.)


Jet-lagged, but stoked to be trawling the malls with family. PSA: Asian Uniqlos continue to offer a great pants selection for a shawty.

My perspective on my culture and family have continued to change, inevitably also affecting my views toward work and life goals. Per the new year’s resolutions, I’d been consciously working on changes, but at the same time, I was very depressed and unmotivated all through January. It was only during the tail-end of my trip in China that I could feel my new intentions pick up steam. There was a distinctive “click” amidst the long, dreary grind of progress.

For example, I feel a newfound adoration for my family and Chinese culture, particularly traditional values, which is definitely going to affect my dating approach. But micro-changes, like my lack of interest in sugar after eating only Chinese food for a month, and improved ability to speak and read Chinese, are also good habits I plan to keep up. Fodder for many more AGP posts.


Friends have noticed my changed attitude since I’ve been back, but motivation is a limited resource, so I’m not wasting any time getting back into a healthy routine and finding a new job.

Before I peace out, I gotta share that CAAMfest is happening around the Bay this week! I’m seeing at least a few films this year, one including a favorite blogger and actress. And also, I got hooked on this gorgeous food show in China. It’s on Youtube, in both English and original versions if you’re so inclined.



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