Reflections & Resolutions

new years eve 2016

As I’ve probably mentioned before, my approach to resolutions is to make and forget them, at least consciously. The time apart makes for a nice surprise when I look back a year later and see how my goals have changed–which is essentially, how I myself have changed.

On the surface, 2015 was not an eventful year. My relationship ended and I took a while to bounce back (and forth between the dudes and duds who followed) before I felt back in my element. It’s funny that what took eight months to come to a peaceful close can now be wrapped up into a tidy sentence.

And it’s been peaceful in every sense–all those adults who used to tell me I’d mellow out in my late twenties were right. This year I learned about saturn return and took comfort in uncertainty. I decided that I’d rather not know what’s going to happen in my career than know exactly which awful desk and task my ass will be working on until retirement. There will be other desk jobs in the future–that’s for sure–but taking a break reinvigorated and set my priorities straight.

Without a 9-5, I resolved to use the time to tackle some of my health concerns–I got a handle on my sugar/coffee/soda consumption and my food anxieties. It’s a work in progress but with the first couple months over, new habits have taken root. This year I don’t have any of the typical resolutions in regards to diet, exercise or dating. I have a pretty good handle on these, which frees up more focus and energy to:

1. Be a good daughter. A switch literally flipped last month where I realized that I’m over being bratty and surly to my parents. I’m improving my attitude, keeping less secrets, and making an effort at quality time/conversations. It probably had to do with my mom seeing one of my tattoos and hey, she’s still alive.

2. Be a good friend. I’m good at putting friends first, and thus reap the benefits of having super inspirational, rollicking, and rock solid friendships. I want to keep this up and do more–champion my friends’ personal goals and start projects together so we can create something together.

3. Find a good company fit. Maybe it’s having more experience this time around, but I’m not anxious about finding a stable job. There’s one in particular that I hope works out in January.

4. Visit my family in China, and at least one other new place. I hate being a tourist, but it’s high time I left the glorious bubble that is Oakland.

5. Perform 5 minutes of standup comedy. It’s happening in 2016.

Maybe being in such a state of calm isn’t conducive to making resolutions, but I’m still excited. 2016 and my 28th birthday both around the corner!


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