Asian Girl Problem #122: The Best Photo for Your Online Dating Profile

…is not one that invokes fear, pity or confusion in potential dates.

Now that I’m back in the pixel jungle of online dating, it’s become another heated topic of conversation between me and my girlfriends. Here are some basic, largely un-baiased tips on how to approach the most important aspect of your profile–your primary/default photo. Lezbehonest, a solid profile photo covers a multitude of sins. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Or play the game by increasing your chances.

In a nutshell, post a main photo in which you’re a reasonable distance from the camera, looking at the lens and smiling.

Most of the people I look twice at have this in common, although we all make our exceptions for personal weaknesses (mine would be glasses, creepy mustaches and long hair, to name a few). I’d say at least 60% of people don’t follow these simple rules when making their profile. I know it’s tempting to use your LinkedIn photo, crossing the finish line in the Spartan race, or that great night with friends on your Eurotrip, but I don’t want to procreate with the people in those photos. I don’t get hard for people I want to hire or run quickly away from, but if you do, I could point you to some other social sites where you’d get much more mileage.

So yeah! To anyone wondering how to make the most out of that prized profile photo real estate, avoid ones where you’re:

– wearing sunglasses
– looking into the distance
– skydiving/rock climbing
– with your entire soccer team
– chillin with the hottest female you know
– in front of the computer with your cat, in the dark
– playing with that niece who isn’t your daughter
– last minute mirror selfies
– showing parts of your body without your face

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 4.08.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 4.21.12 PM

Sidenote I saved these screenshots from last year when I was browsing this dating website that rhymes with Okay, Stupid. I promise that each guy is individual, of different ages and from different places, but somehow they all showed up on one page and I really thought they were the same person covering his bases. I’m the worst.



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