Asian Girl Problem #120: Asian Female Seeking Like-minded Community

I have nothing to complain about right now. I don’t remember the last time this has been the case–my work, play and family are sailing along smoothly, with enough challenge but no distress. Naturally, this means I have to find something else to fix, says Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

My new priority for the year is community. It fulfills something family and work can’t, and has potential to be more timeless and adaptable to every life stage. But when you’re starting from a blank slate like me (never been a joiner, always had handfuls of friends for different activities), finding the right one takes trial, error and time.
So I started with a list of things I’d like to do with other people, or like to learn: sewing, zines, writing (sometimes), music, putting on events, carpentry, silk-screening, education, cooking…Basically, everything I like except working out, eating and gabbing with friends.
I’ve been going to more events where I might meet like-minded people, such as a housewarming party of an old roommate I never really knew, a going away party for a girl I always liked but never hung out with, and, when all else fails, random stuff my boyfriend goes to. Last night I attended a ‘zine event at a gallery near me, and left with crafting inspiration, writing ideas and plans for a weekly crafternoon with new friends.
I’ll check back in and let you know if any of them stick. If anyone has any tips or want to join the fun, send me a message!

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