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Lots of great news and views from my backlog of links today!

Starting with my favorite–exploring why it is so hard to accept the female hermit, and honoring the few who found success

So why aren’t there more women really alone, women hermits? A hermit, of course, is not just single, not just alone, but alone in a particular way: free from the dizzying pressures and possibilities of public life. The hermit is truly free from acting as lord or master, proprietor or minister, soldier or citizen, serf or king. The hermit is free even from the simple expectations of being a neighbour.China’s penchant for Western knockoffs extend to even department store workers and beauty queens.

China’s penchant for Western knockoffs extend to even department store workers and beauty queens.

Most models in these pageants are from Eastern Europe or Latin America, and often everything in their biographies is fictionalized—from home countries, names, and national costumes to elaborate personal stories.

The Afghan tradition to raise girls as boy, bacha posh, isn’t as progressive as I’d hoped. The opposite, actually.

That practices very similar to bacha posh have existed over the centuries in countries around the world speaks to the universal and historical need for them in strict, patriarchal societies.

I once did an exercise in improv class whereby half the group walked around avoiding eye contact, shrinking themselves. The other half stood tall and tried meeting everyone’s eyes. Totally affected my thoughts, creativity and confidence. This article shows even deeper implications for a transgender woman.

“I think that I used to enjoy white male privilege,” she says. “And so I could be kind of sloppy.” Just standing in front of a room and talking back then was usually enough to feel listened to.

Percentage of Passengers Who Were Allowed to Ride for Free, by Ethnicity

I’ve heard way more complaints about female professors than male professors in college. Like there’s a double standard for “menopausal” or “airheaded” women vs. “quirky” and “mad genius” men in academia. This brings in race as well.

Professors with Asian-sounding last names get significantly lower scores in categories of clarity and helpfulness than those with non-Asian names.

As a huge fan of Fresh Off the Boat, I’m very curious to see this more stereotypical portrayal of an Asian guy make it as a show too.

Jeong’s past roles — especially in The Hangover — have raised eyebrows over whether he furthers stereotypes of Asian-Americans. On Twitter, one person compared him to a modern-day Long Duk Dong — “uncomfortable but visible.”

A UC Berkeley alum teams up with Dave Eggars to write TV’s first Muslim cop for for HBO. Read part of the script here.

Being a post-9/11 Muslim in America means having to be an expert on all things “Muslimy.” It’s exhausting.

Christmas is mostly made in China.

Jackson Hole, China, has been touted by CNN and Foreign Policy as an example of Chinese fascination with the West, and the desire of many Chinese people for more individual freedoms.


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