Asian Girl Problem #117 :Things That Make Me Sick

Well, my resolution to post here once a week has yet to see fruition, but in case you’re wondering life is going well. The new job and home are treating me well, and I’m developing a routine of work and working out hard on the weekdays while unwinding down to my molecules on the weekends.

The less I write here, the harder it becomes. But I know you’re a forgiving reader. I know you’ll put up with crap like today’s post about stuff that makes me want to vomit a little.

  1. “Cultural fit” is something companies talk about a lot in terms of office culture and new hired. Sure it’s important, but at the end of the day, you’re at work. We’re not sharing our hopes and fears with each other, nor working on projects that fulfill us on a deep individual level. I get that people don’t want to work with someone who never showers, or doesn’t understand the company mission, but who cares if you like the same pop culture or fashion or humor. The work gets done if you’re a good employee. When everyone’s trying to be professional and make BS small talk, cultural fit just feels like another way to discriminate. It is so closely tied to race, gender and socioeconomics that I think any company that seriously considers it as a hiring metric is ignorant. That’s all I’ll say because I want to keep my job.
  2. People who act decent to my face and then make crude lewd comments that objectify me as an Asian Girl as soon as I leave the room. Also, guys who loudly start commenting on physical features of women they know just because they’ve had one drink with their buds.
  3. “I am a confident Asian man who is attracted to Asian women.” I appreciate the sentiment, but lumping all women together is not helping any of us.
  4. Starting a sentence with “Um” and then ending it with an upward inflection when it’s not a question
  5. People who eat fast food and look at me with disgust when I chow down on indeterminate Korean food.
  6. When my parents call my friends “Big <NAME>” because they eat a lot of fast food.

One thought on “Asian Girl Problem #117 :Things That Make Me Sick

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