Links I Like & Life in Jello

As usual, there was nothing usual about the past week. Physical and mental exhaustion set in, along with changes left and right. My hours at the bakery got moved around and I had some social anxiety that made me want to quit. Whatever it’s just a temporary gig. Before I had a chance to react, I got an interview at this great lil bageleria (my word) that I’ve been applying to for months, so that’s probably happening. Scrambling to find a house before 10/1 and then subsequently moving took up all of Saturday. On top of that, I’m moving to a gentrification hotspot where tensions are really high and I learned that both my neighbors are loud and inconsiderate. But my roommates are good, the house is gorgeous and I pay month to month. Better not start nesting too soon.

There was an equal amount of beautiful and amusing moments, though. All the teachers I’ve been meeting who give me advice and support about my career change, a lovely phone call with my dad, cooking a dinner for 20 people, relationship bliss, and chillin with my neighbor, a clairvoyant. In this area, everyone thinks they’re special, but it doesn’t mean I’m ever less amused by a personal reading. According to his I Ching reading for me, this career change will be very positive. I have a lot of undeveloped power that I won’t understand until my Saturn return, which starts around my 28th year. He likened it to being trapped in jello without knowing I’m in jello.

“Whenever I saw you around I’ve always thought, there’s something about that girl. You’re weird. You weren’t from this planet in a past life. You have alien jetlag.”

Don’t get too excited–apparently a lot more aliens who have been reincarnated as people are coming here. Do I need another reason to explain why I’ve always felt this world was 90% bullshit, and wondered why it was so hard to pass as normal when inside, I’m a misfit? No, but it’s a pretty good excuse to use next time I make a social faux pas.

A few great links I’ve been sittin on for a long time:

“@Large “explores themes of freedom and confinement. Finding freedom under restriction is a worthy challenge, Ai says. Confined to China himself, the artist had to pull it all off without setting foot in the U.S.

What’s most troubling about all of this is not the idea of a fictional 18 year-old who has never had to think about race. It’s the thought of living white men in America mistakenly thinking that race has played no significant role in their own lives. In fact, cinema like Boyhood suggests that it’s the norm for these boys and men not to think about race. Which makes it seem like it’s okay.

If you’re “Asian on the inside,” you’re an egg. White on the outside but black on the inside? You’re a snowball. Asian on the outside but black on the inside? Gelt. If you’re a Native person who thinks she’s Barack Obama on the inside? Dragonfruit.





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