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I usually think that a lack of life drama causes writer’s block, but it turns out the opposite holds true too. Here are some recent reads I keep meaning to frame some posts around, but they’re stacking up so quickly I decided to deposit them in roundup form. So maybe I’ll actually get around to some personal stories soon.

The Perils of Being Associated with China
The Chinese are incredibly studious and have a world-class education. Alas, they still don’t believe it.

When Should Chinese Women Marry–And Whom?
Ms. Fincher is investigating Chinese women and “Christmas Cakes.” A Christmas cake, if not eaten during Christmas –December 25 and 26- will have defeated its purpose, be dried and stale, and ultimately may be thrown away.

Can Stand-Up Comedy Succeed in China?
According to Li, for young people humor is now becoming “an act of rebellion first and a display of wit second.” Laughter involves the audience as a “partner in crime,” she thinks. “This intimacy is what makes Chinese humor special.”

The Artistic History of American Anti-Asian Racism
Images of hate are linked, Tchen continues, to “desire for and admiration of. They have what we need. But then when they compete too hard for ‘what is ours,’ that tips the balance of acceptance.”

Asian Women Need to Stop Dating White Men
Upon contraction of Yellow Fever, White men suddenly stop going after strong and beautiful white women like myself, and start trading us for our shorter, black haired and more yellow-hued sisters, namely, you people.

The last one’s a bad satire, but 6500 comments for a Thought Catalog article is no small feat.


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