Asian Girl Problem #97: Ultimate Work Nightmare

I had a whole other draft prepared for today, but then I stumbled into this SNAFU. There was a lull at work so I was gchatting with a friend:

“disabling my okc account last night was so freeing!!”

Immediately after I hit enter, I realized it was sent to a group chat with my coworkers, some of whom I suspect already think I’m the least productive and professional person in this office. Some who work remotely and I’ve never met. After I picked myself back up from the ground, this happened:

me: wow i’m so sorry guys
thats whats up with me
T: i feel you [Asian Girl]
C: me too we’re all here for you me: thank you :’)
C: now we need to know–is it because you met someone or because you’re sick of it?
me: hahaha
sick of it
T: this is great
C: i agree waaaay more interesting than [work]
me: can we all put out some confessions
T: nah
C: [Asian Girl], all my confessions are really lame.
But here is the lamest for today
I go an email from Zappos telling me I’ve had a $263 credit there for over a year and instead of ordering some great shoes
I ordered garden clogs.
me: clogs had a trendy moment
thank you C
i have clogs
C: thank YOU [Asian Girl]. I feel better now

Also, I am kind of terrified of C, so this is a big step for us. I’m calling this a SNAFU turned success, and total Broad City moment. Which, by the way, is a show everyone should watch.


2 thoughts on “Asian Girl Problem #97: Ultimate Work Nightmare

  1. I love love love Broad City!! 🙂 I can’t wait for more.

    Also, I’m glad your co-workers came through for you. That sounded potentially disastrous.

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