Life Lately

I took my photo off this page for a little more anonymity, not that anyone would have trouble figuring out who I am if they tried. Initially, because I wanted to start going into some more intimate dating details, but maybe that’s a horrible idea because I didn’t intend for this to be a diary. I could just address the same issues more generally, or about a “friend.” If you have an opinion on whether or not bedroom stories have a place on this blog, I’d love to hear it.

Dating has been more surreal than ever–so predictable it seems like I’m watching someone playing me in a rom-com. Guy feels some type of way about girl, she doesn’t reciprocate. Girl feels some type of way about guy #2, he’s polyamorous. Girl refuses to believe that will be a problem, for the time being, and decides to dive in anyway. Girl continues keeping her dance card full of other guys to delude herself that she’s not in over her head. Spoiler: at some point she drowns, but hopefully only in Krispy Kremes. Also, it’s notĀ that dramatic.

My maternal grandparents bought impromptu one-way tickets to America, and arrived yesterday. Even though it’s been in the stars for years, I say impromptu because I never believed it would really happen. I thought they would rather die then, well, die in America. But now they will be living with my parents indefinitely. They have a totally dysfunctional relationship with my parents, and I feel more pressure than ever to visit them and help out. At least I won’t run out of things to write here.

Happy Tuesday.


One thought on “Life Lately

  1. Whoa, that’s big news!! In regards to the other matter, I can understand if you want to keep your dating life private (plus, people can have magical Google skills and find this if you don’t want certain folks to read it). However, if you did write about it, I would love to read it because I like reading about your life. You’re a good writer!

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