Asian Girl Problem #90: A List of Things I Shouldn’t Have Eaten

6pm last night: Whiskey and soda on an empty stomach. Did not bother with the pre-drinking Pepcid AC I’m sometimes known to pop to prevent Asian glow. Didn’t think one drink would be a big deal, but boy was I wrong.

8pm: Half a several-day-old blondie that was sitting on a bar. I gave the other half to a stranger because I am a generous drunk. A bite of duck bacon pizza from a sick friend.

9am this morning: Big cup of coffee on an empty stomach, after waking up with a slightly scratchy throat and running 5k (thought it’d bring some life back to me). Queasy and hyper.

Noon: Some weird sour broth the restaurant next door claims is Minestrone. Feeling worse, I then had the bread that came with it. And my coworker’s.

1pm: Tummy majorly pissed off now. Took the Asian approach and got some ginger candy, and immediately felt better. GINGER CURES ALL.


2 thoughts on “Asian Girl Problem #90: A List of Things I Shouldn’t Have Eaten

  1. Oh no, Beebe, you need to take care of yourself!! :pp My mom always tells me to drink minced ginger and lemon with hot water.

    • you’re right. the ancient bread and butter i found in the freezer at work was not the best thing to eat just now.

      good seeing you again az!

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