Asian Girl Problem #88: The Asian-American “Villain” of Jeopardy

Been busy doing fieldwork for this blog, aka eating mochi and naming my vagina. In the interim, consider some wack responses toward’s Jeopardy champ Arthur Chu’s winning streak. But also that the internet’s just really awesome at picking out the 1% of trolls.

Obviously some of the most offensive tweets are openly and unabashedly racist, so you can’t argue with that. That said, I’d avoid playing the race card too openly—I’m sure if I were Asian but I otherwise looked like a “good guy” out of central casting, I was thin, and charming, and smiled easily and all of that, that the narrative would be somewhat different. No offense to you personally, Ken, but I think you may have seen  where I said that as talented and charming as you are on TV, you were also kind of lucky that you look like a cherubic boy next door from a Hallmark card.”

So articulate and gracious. This angry Asian girl has a lot to learn from him, not including answers to the trivia that won him $238,200 and counting.


One thought on “Asian Girl Problem #88: The Asian-American “Villain” of Jeopardy

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