Asian Girl Problem #82: Creepy Guys on OKC

Several people (including a few from OKC) have mentioned this creepy guys tumblr to me, so I figured it’s relevant enough to note here. Not a site I’d bookmark, but if nothing else, a sign of the times. Personally, I can’t complain about the quality of messages I receive, which I credit to showing very little skin in my photos and being super wholesome in my profile. But I did receive this gem recentlynjvlfklsd

Speaking of OKC,  last night I went on a second date and was caught off guard when at the end, he said “I’m not really good at this but I feel like I should kiss you.” To me, that translates to: “You’re aloof so I’m not sure if I’ll creep you out and I’m not that aggressive guy but I want this to be a date and not a hangout.” I don’t blame him because I know I gave off that “one of the guys” vibe. But our dynamic has so far been super platonic, not necessarily in a bad way. So I said we should just wait and I moved in for a hug, while he made a joke about being friend-zoned.

There must be some unspoken rule (in the same book that says you can’t call someone within 48 hours of getting their number and you can’t sleep with them before the third date) that says you should kiss a girl by the second date or get thrown into The Zone.

It kind of makes sense for those of us frosted flakey people with short attention spans. You never know if you’ll see each other again. So maybe kissing is a way to physically establish where you stand when you can’t yet express it in words (and how could you, on the second date?!) Or a way for less-than-suave guys to make up for their lack of prowess. Or an easy way to plant attachment on anyone. But for me the first kiss to me is a BIG DEAL. Everything after that is gravy. Yum. Yuck.


2 thoughts on “Asian Girl Problem #82: Creepy Guys on OKC

  1. Does that second date guy count as a creepy guy? I’ve actually said what he’s said before myself.. it’s not exactly romantic or spontaneous, but I feel like it helps get stuff rolling and lets the other person know what you’re thinking. It’s also kind of like asking of permission in a way… like “I feel this way.. is it consensual?” It is kind of annoying that he noted aloud that he’d been friend-zoned- maybe a way to shrug off his embarrassment? Ahh the nuances of dating.

    • Haha I didn’t even think about that. The guy I met isn’t creepy at all and has nothing to worry about in terms of getting a kiss! Just wasn’t the right time. He’s a good egg

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