Asian Girl Problem #75: Asian Girl’s Girl

Confession: right now the person who has the biggest “thing” for Asian girls just might be me.

Not romantically, but in just about every other way. In an assessment of my close friends currently living in the same area, I’ve counted 13 Asian girls, and a few of other ethnicities, mostly mixed-race. The blessing and curse of living in the Bay Area and being a straight up girl’s girl.

There are amazing benefits to having this network. I always have someone with whom to eat KBBQ, hit up a spa and go clubbing. I never have to explain why I have to take a call from my mom, why they need to take off their shoes in my apartment or why dating can be so weird.

As a kid, my group looked like this.

But other times, I joke (i.e. complain) about the trials and tribulations of having an Asian girl gang. Yes, they come from various backgrounds, in various shapes and sizes, with various sexual preferences. But they are all amazing and sometimes it feels like people are inquiring me about them all day, every day.

“I think I’m in love with your friend.” “Is your friend single?” “So…she’s adorable…” “Where’s your pretty friend?”

For a while, I’d hear this every time I introduced one of them to a guy I knew. It’s equal parts cute and amusing and profoundly annoying. Maybe, when I’m knock-on-wood in a happy relationship one day, I’ll give away free matchmaking services. At the moment, I can’t help but roll my eyes.

But there are also ways I unconsciously encourage it. Like inhabiting the tomboy role with many of my girlfriends. The girl who’s waiting for everyone else to finish their makeup, or complaining about dying a spinster. And when it comes time to actually play the “girl,” I falter.

CASE 1: When I was just starting to hang out with my first boyfriend, I invited him to a party at my apartment. I warned him that most of the guests would be girls, with a *wink wink, nudge nudge* look. He interpreted it as my disinterest and after that party, promptly texted me to say he thought my roommate was adorable.

CASE 2: On a first date a couple weeks ago, I got onto a topic similar to the one as this post, and said, “So, if you want to meet any single Asian girls…” and immediately regretted it. I swear, something else inside me is spewing this crap, and I can’t prevent it fast enough. He responded with the right thing, though.

Conclusion: I love my Asian beezies. I need to stop comparing us with one another. And I gotta stop unconsciously pimping them out.

3 thoughts on “Asian Girl Problem #75: Asian Girl’s Girl

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