Asian Girl Problem #63: Short Hair Don’t Care

Ever since I had the freedom to choose my own hairstyle (8 years old) and escape my dad’s bowl cut, I have had the short/long hair discussion so many times.

With girls both queer and straight who feel more comfortable with short hair. Girls who are scared of it. Guys who who are scared of it. Guys who only date girls with it.

I’m not saying they’re directly related, but feeling more feminine and joining the workforce coincided with my decision to grow out my hair. On one hand, looking like the majority of girls makes people get to know me instead of jumping to assumptions that I’m edgy or subversive. On the other hand, I toss my hair or play with it a lot more now, and feel slightly like i’m wielding my womanhood. Same feeling when I have to apply makeup in public.

I wonder how much of this is also related to race. I know tons of Asian girls who rock short haircuts and the tomboy style in the motherland. Style seems to flow a lot more openly between the two genders in Asia, and the “T” style has been popularized by tons of celebrities both queer and straight. My Taiwanese friend says that every time she goes to Hong Kong, the people love her and other Taiwanese tomboys. I’ve never heard it of being a job hinderance in Asia, unless you’re applying to be a hostess or something. Is American culture less accepting because we receive a narrower representation of Asian women (and men) that it can’t let go of?


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