Asian Girl Prob #61: All Black Everything

Sometimes I wear black from head to toe. Days I don’t are called laundry days. I won’t go into the 101 reasons it’s the best, but when reflecting on how I got to this dark phase in my life, I see some patterns. Specifically, a long list of things my mother (and other Chinese women) always told me not to wear:

-Brown, orange and yellow bring out the dinginess in Asian coloring.
-Red makes us look more yellow, but is acceptable for weddings and special occasions.
-Large patterns and horizontal stripes make me look wider than I already am.
-White is unforgiving in every way.

Other mom no-no’s that I don’t always abide by:

-Boat necks or low-cut shirts
-Animal print
-Empire waists
-Fur, real or otherwise
-Maxi skirts

I can try to consciously ignore them, but these beliefs will always be a part of my style guide. On top of that, I have no desire for pastels, day glo or metallics aside on the occasional well-conceived accessory.

So I tried this outfit, except it revealed my huge upper arms. Tan is nice, though.



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