Asian Girl Problem #59: Thanksgiving Thoughts

As an only child with no (sane) extended relatives stateside, the last thing I want to do on holidays is sit down to eat a smelly turkey with my parents. That’s why this and every other national holiday is an opportunity for us to get together with other Chinese families and share the joy. Sometimes we take it outdoors to a park and grill, sometimes we go to someone’s house, and sometimes we hit up a restaurant. The best parts: at least a couple different gatherings and no family drama.


This year, I had about three Thanksgiving dinners. The other awesome thing about having Chinese Thanksgivings is that we make dishes from both cultures, so we get almost double the amount of food–because the only traditional food that I look forward to are the stuffing and desserts.

This year, notable dishes were curry puffs, Peking turkey, sushi and crab. Sorry, Norman Rockwell.

Having the rest of my family in China just makes me more thankful that I have such supportive parents nearby. Hearing many of my Chinese friends who are alone in the States talk about having the “American Dream” of relocating their parents here makes me even more aware of this privilege. Add in our health and friends, and the rest is gravy.


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