Asian Girl Problem #58: Happy Feet

It’s finally chilly where I live now, putting me in the holiday spirit better than any pumpkin-flavored comestible or hirsute man in a red hat. But staying healthy in cold weather takes conscious effort, and sometimes, two thousand years of Chinese tradition.
I’ve yet to meet a Chinese household that allows shoes indoors. But as much as that disgusts us, there is one thing worse: going barefoot on the cold floor. For years, Chinese people chastised and followed me around with slippers lest the chill traveled up my leg and gave me arthritis, a stomach cold, and various other diseases cause by too much yin.
It seems like we spend 10% of our lives trying to keep our feet happy, (except that bout of foot binding we’ll pretend never happened). Soaking them nightly in hot water, reflexology, even weight loss pads you stick to your sole that draw the fat out. I’ll have to ask my cousin  if they work.

One thought on “Asian Girl Problem #58: Happy Feet

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