Asian Girl Problem #46: Chinese Food’s Comeback

We can never escape certain parts of our prepubescence. Having been the only Asian kid in my class, and a bookish, chubby, gender-neutral one at that, I’m reliving all the sordid memories of middle school with this video. A&F. Heroin chic. BOD body spray. A sea of beige (I found the token black guy at 2:27!) Not having MTV back then doesn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore, or I probably would’ve developed even more issues.

I refused to listen to the song. The anger it invoked surprised even myself. The one time China is mentioned in mainstream media, and it’s a lame non sequital jab at our food.

Today, as LFO’s surviving members (RIP Rich Cronin) update their Myspace profiles and try to find an actual, respectable group name, this song premiers in hopes of becoming a new tween anthem.

I’m calling it progress. Never mind that, despite numerous memos and campaigns, people still can’t remember that geishas are not Chinese.


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