Asian Girl Problem #41: Shame Your Way to Skinny

I don’t know about you, but dating always puts my weight on a rollercoaster ride. When dealing with someone I really like, I start by losing my appetite for about two weeks. Whenever I eat something, my stomach cramps up, and the first few dinners with the dude are always a challenge to not appear eating disordered while keeping my food down.

Assuming the relationship gets past two weeks (rare in my world), and we continue eating out, I get more comfortable and quickly gain the 5-10 pounds of water weight I initially lost. This is always a slightly disappointing time, but also a good way to shed our rose-tinted glasses and slowly reveal our vices–which in my case is gluttony.

If only the men in my life cared enough to withdraw their affection when I gained weight. Now I’ll never have to worry about yo-yoing again, thanks to a Japanese app that humiliates girls. I can pick one of three identical-looking anime guys to share my diet endeavors with, who will deliver thinly-veiled insults to motivate me into looking like someone they’d consider dating. Apparently, the version for men features hot chicks who provide encouragement, but they figured women need more tough love to accomplish anything other than baking and getting manis.

Since these guys look like teen girls and oh yeah, they’re animations, I’m hoping the next version will have a more tangible punishment/reward system to motivate me. Such as charging me a fee every time I eat a donut, or morphing my phone into a giant penis that will boff me when I reach my goal weight.


6 thoughts on “Asian Girl Problem #41: Shame Your Way to Skinny

  1. Even though going out to dinner is the obvious date, I can’t help but agree with how you feel– it’s a terrible idea. I’d be way too nervous to enjoy what I’m eating.. which is terrible for the food and for you… Instead of withholding sex for whatever personal reasons until you get to know the person better, I’d say withhold sharing dinner until at least one month is over. That way eating is less nerve wracking.

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