Asian Girl Problem #39: Shrunken Arm Syndrome

I have a lot of time to loiter around when I go to the mall with my mom. And a lot of time to think about the business of selling cheap baubles at a 90% markup. The other day in the perfume section, I ran into these two hanging out next to each other:



Seeing them on a smaller scale is less terrifying–they look like bobbleheads. But at the time, I was riveted by Taylor Swift’s freakishly small arm. It doesn’t just look thinner, but shorter. And the difference between her two hands? Like the female version of this:

Some people store fat on their hips or breasts–mine goes towards my gut and upper arms. So I figure the person photoshopping these ads has a similar paranoia about flappy, pudgy arms. Selena’s arm is about the same width as her perfume bottle, and Taylor wouldn’t even be able to twist open the cap on her’s.

I’m happy to report that Britney Spears, Beyonce and Lady Gaga have normal-sized arms. Nicki Minaj is bobble-heady, but that’s because she’s a femmebot anyway.


One thought on “Asian Girl Problem #39: Shrunken Arm Syndrome

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