I work hard all week. When the weekend comes around, this material girl likes to treat herself to something nice. So I shelled out a mere $18 for another domain name, and I suspect it will satisfy me more than the sushi roll or canvas tote I could’ve bought instead. I’m compelled to start another blog because I’m going through a transition–professionally, socially, geographically–and when this happens it’s become sort of a tradition of mine to christen a new corner of the internet. So consider this corner peed on now.

This time around, I’m writing about what I know best. Asian girl probs. This title might be misleading–I would never want you to feel like I’m trying to represent all Asian females, or anyone other than myself. In fact, most times it’s not even a complete composite of my views and experiences. But I know that nothing I do nor think is divorced from my perspective as an Asian, female, or both. And there is merit in putting life into words, no matter how incomplete or problematic the final product is.

It’s like this group of girlfriends I have who identify as  “Strong Asian Bitches.” The term is flawed and I never not wince when I say it, but it’s the easiest way to pack what we feel and believe into three words. We use it as a means to an end, to get to our point. I don’t want to be PC all the time. I hope that as I get into my writing groove, these hesitations will decrease and I won’t need to qualify every opinion.

So starting with the next post, I will be devoting each article to a particular problem that I feel has some relation to being an Asian female. I think most of these topics reflect various Asian cultures, so I use this term loosely for now. If I cause any offense, make a false assumption or misrepresent people, I’d love to be called out on it. Sometimes it can be like the blind leading the blind around here, but I always enjoy your company and opinions.

Thanks for reading!


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