day off

i was a good daughter today. and she was a good mother. we went to san francisco to renew our passports and during the five hours we didn’t get into any tiffs! except against the really mean life/people/fun-hating lady who worked there. i believe in us. afterwards we hung out in japantown and ate a ton of korean food (because the poor korean ppl in sf don’t have their own town so they kind of flitter around the area) and went to the market so i could get some japanese mayonnaise<–those words make quite a cute couple.
since i’m still getting over the virus and my nose is stuffy, i get nightmares every night and then just wake up and can’t fall asleep anymore. i’m almost better but i just have a sleep-deprivation headache. and dark circles around my eyes since september. but fuck! last night i had a weird distopian dream where the government was made of art elitists who required everyone to paint something for the gallery, where life revolved around. people who were too lame at painting had to pose for a painting or participate in some way. and all we did every day was wander around the galleries learning about art. and the creepiest thing was that there were a few “difficult” paintings that would refuse to stay still. like, in one picture, one of the faces was facing the left and no matter how many times the painter changed it, the face would snap back to look in that direction. the painter even tried painting a face seperately and gluing it to the painting but it didn’t work. also this one guy’s face would never be the correct shade of white, like it would keep getting darker throughout the day. anyway i was a lot more disturbed by it in my dream. there was also performance art and this guy in a harness flying into the sky towards a bright star. suddenly it was like everyone was in workout gear and the world turned into an obstacle course and now everyone was obsessed with the olympics and getting athletic. this is obviously a lot scarier to me than being trapped in an art gallery because i panicked and woke.
the night before that, i was in the yard with my dad and his friend and his friend’s cat. they were talking and the cat would not stop bothering me, like scratching me, jumping on me, trying to molest me, etc. so i decide to go back inside and it takes me hours to get their attention to ask them if they could get the cat off of me while i run away. they dont take me seriously and before i can make it into the house, my dad lets the cat go and it flies across the yard onto my arm and continues abusing me. so i finally woke up in the middle of strangling/throwing the cat.
i’m sure i lost my loyal readers (the two of you) with this post.


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