not my week

i’d like to keep it at that, vague, but i will not. i’m sick but it’s a sneaky type of illness in my core not manifesting in actual symptoms. which doctors would probably just call a virus. it’s not full blown yet but still on the brink. you’d think that a cold wouldn’t take three fucking days just to fully announce itself. i guess it’s decided to set up camp in my throat first, because it’s always dry and uncomfortable. i’m beginning to feel tired and sore and like someone sewed bricks to my chest, neck, and eyelids.
another sort of downer is that there’s a beautiful, like i-dont-want-to-stop-looking-at-you adorable, girl i know. she is now an item with this guy. except the guy is a guy i had a thing for last year and i also hinted that i had a thing for but who ultimately brushed me off. they will have gorgeous babies who will continue the cycle.
another sort of downer is that i got rejected from the creative writing fiction classes i applied to today. obviously i don’t expect to get into grad school with my fiction if i can’t even make it into a measly undergraduate class. it’s frustrating that there are only thirty people who are able to take this class and if at least a hundred apply, that’s so many people deprived of learning something they really need help on. at least i really need help on. of course, previously mentioned gorgeous girl got into the class. along with other acquaintances.
i’m aware this week is wonderful, that tuesday was epic and i have made some friends and had good talks with profs and got into the (less useful, to me) creative non-fiction class. i could still use a reboot though


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