things going down

here is actual sort of maybe hard-hitting news pertaining to my neck of the woods but i’m keeping it short because it’s funner to talk about softer things. this weekend i’m torturing myself trying to write a short story about a lady who works at a toll booth and is a ferret enthusiast. maybe she will find love in the end, i’m not sure. is that too nauseously whimsical and quirky? it’s cause i saw a fascinating pbs documentary and someone submitted a less-than-stellar short story about a ferret owner to the berkeley fiction review and i thought i could write something a lot better. but i havent decided where to take it and this is always the hardest part because there are to many options. i hate options please just throw me in a labyrinth with bowie. so when my head hurts too much and i cant stand thinking about ferrets i switch over to my shakespeare paper for a while. and when that becomes really bad i get chocolate. when that doesn’t work i come here. well i need to finish this story soon so i can let it sit and marinate then edit it in time to submit it for a creative writing class next semester. anyway i think i’ve deviated from the hard-hitting stuff. the classes for next semester have been announced and that always makes me excited. my garden has sprouted today even though the weather feels quite cold. lots of merriment, causing me to say “booyah mother nature! my plants are super and won’t let you bring them down! booyah grocery stores! i won’t have to buy salad from the man for a whole week! maybe! in a few months! or i will pick them early when they’re tiny and call it ‘microgreens’ and sell them to rich people!” i am also officially in the market for an apartment as well and it is a market i hate to be in. the only market i hate to be in. also, people i know have begun to couple up. no we don’t hang out together and no i havent introduced them in fact i dont think they even know i know both of them. in such a large school, it’s quite serendipitous that this happened twice this week. that’s four people’s lives i have changed. i feel like the puppet-master even though i hold no power whatsoever and do not have a bow tie.
well that wasn’t short at all


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