today i thought i saw jesus

but it was only a hipster. because most people look like this at berkeley (it’s true i dare you to come check) so i proceeded to see lots and lots of these charlatans. which is delicious and horrifying. in our humor magazine “squelch” there was a pretty funny headline titled “increase in hipsters requires third american apparel to open” or something like that. ok i admit i wish i could take credit for it. it is totally relevant because everyday i walk to campus i think why the hell are there now two american apparels literally three stores away from each other? last year it moved three doors down but now the old store is all stocked with aa stuff too so perhaps they were just remodelling. i thought they had lost money and needed to move to the smaller, less awesome location. another shattered dream. and also, every day i notice so many people dressed amazingly from head to toe moreso than any past years and i think it is a combination of nice and indie clothes (in my opinion) getting more mainstream and younger kids nowadays being full of energy and sex appeal. i can’t believe i’ve been dressing less and less crazy nowadays, like i told myself i’d never do. but i’m actually getting rid of my gothic lolita skirts and neon green ballerina outfit and little house on the prairie dress (only one of them, i still have three left. so all hope isn’t lost?) because they look so ridiculous to me. there are still many other things i cant imagine wearing again but i will keep them until it becomes unbearable. i’ve been getting gray skirts and brown cardigans. it feels good to pass down the torch and become an old fart. i’m going to go finish reading my food blogs now.

quote from the curmudgeon:
“sparrows are lascivious creatures. all birds are, but especially sparrows. they do it with the lights on”


One thought on “today i thought i saw jesus

  1. Hey, I love you and I loved your letter about kids getting hipper and it making you sad. I am going through a related thing over here with Baltimore and hipsters and not being able to tell what’s what with them. Ironically MICA is also dotted with flat-out nerd frumps that make me do a double take. Very interesting dynamic which i will report on in future snail mail. Don’t get rid of the silly things you actually just secretly really love. Just hide them from the sun for a while.

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