epithalamion versus your equestrian statue

i was going to skip renaissance lit for sure until the very last minute when i decided to go. recording some priceless quotes from prof booth and sharing them was high on the list of reasons. thank you, internet, for sending another misled youth to the classroom desk where she belongs.
i “took notes”! paraphrased:

“storks were thought to be unclean, like pork. the old testament discouraged the consumption of them. though i don’t know of any instance someone felt tempted. people are strange and so is the bible”
“have i talked about the 15th century interest in women’s genitals? maybe there’s something wrong with me, but i dont see how it is amusing after the age of 13. of course most men don’t grow past 13”
“can you not see how this poem (epithalamion by spenser) is beautiful? how nothing is more beautiful unless it is an equestrian statue of YOU put up by your peers for saving the civilization of mankind?!”


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