longest day

but the satisfaction in the end is great. and i must have looked a sad sight at the very end on my long trek back home. it was just one of those days where your hands feel perpetually dirty and sticky for some reason. maybe because i thought it was going to be a cold day AGAIN but i turned out to be overdressed and walking to and fro in the sun all day. so i looked kind of unkempt by 7:30 pm. i need to figure out a proper way to wash my face on campus because that was also bugging me. i was a greasy mess with stringy bangs sitting on the stained subway station floor eating crudites with my grubby hands. and then when i got on the subway i ate the tiny tupperware container of pasta i packed for lunch with my baby fork and not really tasting any of it. then these two homeless alcoholics sitting near me started talking and one got significantly angrier as they talked i couldnt hear him well because i was listening to music and i didnt want to take off my headphone because i feel like it’d be so obvious i was eavesdropping but then he got up and went over to the other guy and i got scared he’d pull out a gun or something so i had to relocate to the other side of the car. then i tried to read some marquez but i was kind of a puddle by 8:30. i kind of hoped no one would see me and i could quickly put the whole long day behind me but then i thought a pathetic day is just the kind of great thing to share with the world.
but there were things not pathetic about today. like i found a really great iced coffee place that i’m going to have to resist going to every day now because i dont want to get addicted. and i enjoyed my classes, or at least when i was not enjoying them, i was making really cool doodles in my books. and my curmudgeony renaissance lit teacher made more funny comments today like

“there are many rules we follow for the sole purpose of being right or wrong. like different sides the buttons are on for women vs. men’s shirts….BELTS….are a beacon of hope. as far as i know there is no socially wrong direction to put on a belt”
student: how do you spell “idiomatically”?
prof: how do i spell it? i dont spell.
i’m going to start taking notes so i can quote him accurately in this blog. and more importantly to improve the quality of my day to day life (and yours). they are that good.

also, i empancipated myself today from the man.


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