life is nothing less than awesome because

of baked pasta, bagels and pb, yogurt, bananas, and grapenuts
i can check out wholphin from work
gardening has officially entered our household and i can play stuff to my avocados, basil, and arugula..and cilantro lemons and oranges
overpriced ginger ale from fancy bottles are scrumptious
i never run out of things to wear when i have a sewing machine
i have fifty restaurants to try, fifty books to read, five movies (meager), numerous crafts
don’t have to fight in wars or against diseases
of freshly laundered bedsheets, people who have afros, folklore, people who feel safe enough to tell me their family problems, shy people who i can see are trying to make more of an effort, people who say my name in a way that sounds nice, and teachers who are gracious with compliments


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