i just had the best day ever or at least compared to last week. there’s still one, one thing i didn’t do that i’ve been meaning to that was screaming at me all day but apart from that i think only having one crazy voice yelling at me inside my head is a pretty huge accomplishment. especially after a week of insomnia. i am trying to “put myself out there” a lot more in terms of meeting people and the response has been encouraging. i hate that term though, which apparently ranges from smiling at every person who passes you on the street to throwing a soiree to talking to the person sitting next to you. but i’m trying. and the cherry on the pie (mm) is i made baked pasta today and it turned out so beautifully, not undercooked like i’d been fearing my whole life. so please, come over and let me make you baked pasta. i will throw a soiree and we can beat up creeps who sit too close on the subway


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