a post of the lamest nature

i love this person. i say it casually all the time but it just registered that i’m being dead serious when i do and now all i want to do is say it again and again. i dont know how to categorize the type of love i’m in because it’s not that i can’t stop thinking about them or want nothing but happiness for them or compare myself/other people to them or want to know everything about them. all of that is given. we generally..have that feeling for a lot of people in our lives except the first one. not that i anticipate him ever being in my life, i am just trying to figure out why i fell in love with him the first time i saw his back when he was standing in front of me, stayed that way despite not seeing him until a year later when i actually met him, and still am now half a year later, when we currently have no contact. (that sounds like something happened between us but no nothing at all) he still makes me so happy; i dont get it. there’s only one other person that i’ve been this way about, sort of, not as strongly. well the feeling lasted ten years and counting so maybe as strongly. i’ll talk about it later


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