there are ideas i obvs dont value highly enough to write down but i hate forgetting them. lately sleep and dreaming have been synonymous and i always think i’m going to remember an interesting dream but then i fail.
i can sure spend lots of time grocery shopping. yesterday i went to three stores and then three other ones today. i am so obsessed with having a well-stocked pantry. porno or roofies for the other kids, but nothing like an exciting curry in this household. i dont even know why this is worth talking about..but i am so irrationally pround to have japanese, thai, and indian curry. and also things like kebab seasoning, halo halo mixes, salmon roe, seven kinds of noodles, and onward..anyway speaking of which i was at the generic grocery store yesterday and they had two puny square feet dedicated to britain! i think there was all of two cans of heinz baked beans, a can of custard (which sold for four dollars versus twenty pence in england), hobnobs, and a bottle lucozade.

lucozade! looks too much like rocket fuel for me to try. wonder if it’s their gatorade.

ribena! just a blackberry drink that’s crazy sweet and dark tasting like grape juice. i dont understand their fervor over this…but mixed with

strongbow! or any cider, it is pretty awesome. resulting in

a cider black! which is the most delicious relative of beer for people who hate beer (me). the best one i had was in dublin during a miserable rainy weekend when we tried so hard to find something fun to do (dancing) but all we found were pubs after pubs.
no dancing+tons of alcohol+unending dampness=james joyce/oscar wilde
but my favorite british drink experience of all
mm! i miss brighton every day


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