i keep turning down this cute green pocket bible on campus every day

i’m bored at work and feeling a multitude of discomforts as we speak. mostly hunger because i only had strawberry/pb and choco froyo for lunch three hours ago. also annoying contacts stuck inside my eyes because it’s the first time i’ve worn any in five years. my face is vulnerable now 😦 my eyes feel smaller without lenses magnifying them and there’s skin around my eyes that aren’t used to being so naked. the job’s nice, at least i can sit here and do this instead of banging around booster chairs and transporting fortune cookies from can to can.
i noticed two people playing guitars on campus today. the fact i noticed it is what’s remarkable because i’ve been so used to “berkeley” stuff like people begging for pot and helicopters looming around 23/7 –
[continued after i came home tonight]
to capture the fall of tree sitters AND crazy man in rainbow clothing with a box on his head and socks on his hands lying on the ground flailing around. oh AND larouche cult followers followed closely by anti-larouche cult followers in sunglasses and bandanas over their faces. and attractive hirsute man playing more guitar in the bart station.
anyway i’m glad i noticed it because you get immune to that stuff and i remember it was a prerequisite when i was choosing schools, not that i ever chose.
i ran out of a relevant subject so i’m going to make a list
loveable gestures i always notice:
rolling up sleeves
slouching in a chair with legs stretched out in front
pinching between eyes
petting one’s beard (more gender specific)
clutching one’s chin

ew and the ad on this site has been for nick and norah’s infinite playlist and i offer deep (but fruitless) apologies for that


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