i just got really excited finding out what dorm i’m living in this summer in sussex. i had no one to tell, really, so here i am. it’s 71 lancaster house! that felt good.


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  1. i just (not really just, because um, i had to wait for my sister’s new macbook to install mac OS so that i could move it only to discover that the culprit who set up this shenanny merely unplugged the ethernet cable from MY computer as well as adding on that which formerly powered her macbook… a pointless struggle it was. you are probably not following me, but my desktop from school is currently set up on a tiny makeshift desk in the corner of our family room basically touching the family computer. my oldest brother keeps using my computer – formerly his – to sign into facebook, and leaving his mail on the adjacent bookcase shelf which i consider to be my territory. the family computer is wackadoo and shut down the internet every time i tried to leave you the following comment . . . also i was angry because aforementioned shenanny interrupted my ongoing download of season 1 of twin peaks) READ YOUR LETTER! it had definitely been chilling on my kitchen table for three weeks prior to lounging in my purse for a few days and before this post intrigued me into a state of urgency! i’m happy you’ll be traveling ‘cross the globe!! this is your first experience of this sort, is it not? i do recall your anglophiledom and i can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  2. i can’t believe you still use yours I got on here to delete mine. Now I feel like maybe the only cool thing are the awesome comments left on it.

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