the bread turned out perfectly! now i have a fail-proof appetizer to serve people that might be amazing enough to make up for any bad cooking if i so choose to invite people for dinner more often. people are so impressed by fresh bread. easiest way to appear as gastronomic genius. this weekend was a lot of driving and eating and not enough sleeping. if i had a camera i would have pictures of hippies on haight, pants with built-in thongs from mission, pie made from at-risk youth, a never-ending game of pool, a flower curtain from SFMOMA. i can find the last one:

summer project!

found out my best friend back when i lived in ohio has been preggers for a while. as far as i know, that’s at least 6 engaged/married/divorced, and 3 preggers among my peers. they are definately getting a head start on life and stuff. i’m motivated to go clean my room now.


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  1. haha my life has been baby-galore lately. I held so many children this weekend and had the repetitious thought…”God this is nice for 5 minutes only.”I want to go to Haight & Ashbury because I am a cliche piece of crap. And a faux-hippie.”Love yourself.” I completely understand this concept and grasp its importance. However, eww. It sounds so hopeless…so boring. I want romance, adoration, a supple life of personal comfort. Instead I get this…gaining independence, learning that there is short supply of decent people, and raging loneliness emanating from my aura. Save me!

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