i’ll follow your footprints, with buckets of tears

with that hot water, i will make tea for you

it’s rather late/early but i’m too high on carbs to fall asleep. i know i’ll feel too full and sick and have nightmares because i ate a late dinner that was way too heavy tonight. it was at our poetry reunion and i had salad, fresh bread, lasagna, a meatball, half a bottle of wine cooler, and cheesecake. the bread was my favorite by far possibly because i was hungriest at the time, moreso because it was crusty outside and soft like an enchanted pillow on the inside. even moreso because of garlic butter, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. i’ll definately be making it myself on saturday. but right now my stomach hurts like there is a wrong combo of food inside and too much acidity or something. so now i’ll probably be pulling an all-nighter and hope i dont fall asleep at work tomorrow. i never pull all nighters for school, only food.
i heard some fantastic stories at dinner, though. things that would only happen in the bay area. if i decided to stay here for the rest of my life, god i’d be a happy woman.
sidenote-i think i just drove my roommate and her boyfriend out of the apartment because they were sleeping on the couch but decided to go to his place because they needed more room.
sidenote sidenote-they are a beautiful couple. tall and svelte, flawless mocha skin. they make things look easy while i do the opposite. i feel not unlike an ogre lately.
in my opinion this couch totally has enough space but not in the position they wanted to sleep in, that is, on top of each other. i hope they weren’t going to have sex on that couch. people eat on that couch. actually, this is the first time i’ve considered it and i dont think i mind using something that has been defiled by other people. the sexual…debris..left behind, if any, isn’t too different from, say, sweat or tears or spit. which i dont mind but i just realized people might find those disgusting as well…egad how did i get from balsamic vinegar to bodily secretions. well i appreciate having the living room to mself now. it is so late that even the last drunken partiers have gone home so it’s dead outside which is really rare to witness in my neighborhood. booyah, i am the only one with determination to stay up and am being rewarded with the feeling that i’m the only one who exists on earth.
i have nothing to say except the things that seem fit for 5:04 am conversations. it’s summer and i’m in the presence of good music, books, and company. i’m currently enjoying a section of “s” bands in my itunes, since they are contributing a most desirable mood. it is the chunk with simon and garfunkel, sleepy jackson, sneaker pimps, solvent, son ambulance, and sondre lerche. it’s a nice progression. when i check out books, i immediately start all of them because i can’t wait so it’s been sedaris’ personal essays, marquez’s folktales, adrian’s contemporary fiction, and frank’s experience as a journalist mashed together. usually have to worry about plots/ideas bleeding over each other but ain’t a problem this time.
i was also most excited to get a free box today, with klimt’s “tree of life” gracing the lid


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