today i looked in the mirror and did not see myself. i swear i saw my father. disturbing! it wasn’t even my mother. well, this is really offensive to my mother but i’d rather look like him. but then i tried looking for my mother and i found her too; it’s fun to do that when you wonder sometimes how two crazy different people can create something that looks so harmonious and unique and at the same time like both of them. finding resemblences are easy but it was really scary to look up and see it unconsciously.
the other thing i saw in the mirror was that my skin is looking better which i attribute to the hotter temperatures. finally. no more dry winters.
so lame time: i turned in my last huge paper today (still have a small thing due in over a week) today and for the first time in at least a month do not have anything pressing to do. it is friday evening. celebrating, in any sense of the word, should ensue. and it’s not like i didn’t try to make plans, but i didn’t try very hard. and most people are still busy with life. (whereas i have been free for all of three hours and already feel way too relaxed) and i don’t have any of the books on my list of books to read this summer. so most likely i will be reading “the art of the personal essay”, a textbook for my creative writing class, which is pretty cool, eating mangoes for dinner because i want to see how long i can avoid buying groceries, and checking my e-mail repeatedly. i’m trying to think of other hobbies i can do to enjoy this day but sewing for FAST kind of killed me last weekend, and someone also alternately killed my sewing machine. what a dumb massacre in the name of fashion. if my roomate leaves tonight i’ll play some guitar. i should really do something physical because i feel my cardiovascular system giving out sometimes but i don’t care. i dont smoke! that’s a good thing i do for my body. i should get high-fives for every day i don’t smoke.
hey, my roomate just left.
hey katie, you’re my roomate. if you ever still read this thing, holler back.


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