sometimes i wonder if it would be easier to be a man. which is really dumb so i quickly think about something else. like how i am eating a stroopwafel and these things are something delectable. i saw some breasts today that weren’t mine, am still sans period, and i’m going back to a really short do’. maybe i will find out if it’s easier to be a man, after all. which would make me very gay because i am currently very (WHY oh why) smitten. can we please stop being awesome for a second.
gotta go to julia’s to finish sewing in a few minutes. our show is tomorrow and we have to spend ten hours there. which is less than last year because there’s only one showing but i’m trying to understand how this will take ten hours. people die, discover solar systems, and take over civilizations in less time than that. fashion’s annoying. i was going to say fashion’s lame but that’s a bit harsh. i’m thinking it though.
i think my mind and body are in a dispute. the twenties, man. what is it they say about the twenties? why are my eyes so tired they are not a twenty year old’s eyes! at ten o’clock on a saturday night.
i have to go sew.


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  1. i really liked reading this post.  maybe it was the line, “i saw some breasts today that weren’t mine”  hahahah at my school it would be “i saw another drunk guy peeing on a tree today”  i guess breasts seem a little bit classier.

  2. i’m sick of seeing other people’s breasts. hey, i think if i can figure out my password for my usps account i might be able to “track” the package. maybe. can you contact the new people in your old house and see if they got it?PUT UP PIX somewhere of fashion thing things pissing me off as well. money pissing me off as well. if i want to come to california in the next few years and you don’t live at school can i stay with you? can i save enough money for coachella post-undergrad?

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