what is it about may 2004

it is when i’d just changed a lot. physically
it is full to the brim with calculus equations two days before the AP test
it is the constant fiddling with the AC in our hot nissan
driving through the desert cramming present past participle espanol in the backseat
it is on the way to indio valley where the farms are so dry they’re only good for harvesting wind
it’s the layers of sweat excreted, dried up, remoistened, building up along with the smelly hair pomade i insisted on using
it was actually a good hair day
and being unable to eat a bite all day because any food would’ve soaked up the three dollar water i just drank. better’ve been some endangered species of water
it is the bands, songs, but mainly the cure’s “just like heaven” at midnight
now that’s what summer should be. i finally figured out why i feel weird and kind of sad every may
it is making me realize how tired i am. i need to go back to san diego.


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