today went extraordinarily well

i dont mean to be cynical but i’m surprised when days go so well!
children’s literature class was amusing
got to work on time
work itself passed like a blur despite having only like 30 customers for lunch (bad tips but easy on my feet) slightly aided by small talk with the very nice bus boy nacho (real name)
got a fortune cookie that said “now is the best time for you to be spontaneous. serendipity!” (what an emotive fortune! actually i ate three cookies because i get bored and don’t eat lunch so chances of getting a good fortune were high. another one said that exactly two months from now something kickass is going to happen and my stars are shining. and the other one was more lame/proverbial)
got to class on time (my punctuality is reliant on our fickle bus system so that’s why this is crucial to my good day)
made no progress with adorable boy in class despite feeling encouraged by fortune cookie. shameful really
listened to absent-minded professor drone on about the problems our class had in our essays. sensed an end to my awesome day because i spent no effort on the essay and expected a B at best. wanted to scream i dont care about how our class did collectively i want my rubbish paper back so i can quickly forget it
but then she obeyed and i got an A! adorable boys are fleeting but As are kind of forever.
shaved ice for dinner!


One thought on “today went extraordinarily well

  1. haha oh god. Shaved ice is the only thing I ever bought at the fair because it was a dollar for a huge cup of joy and greasy ass everything else was quadrupled in price. I hate the fair, though. Yes! The one other person that mentioned it might be cool to write never emailed me back. My email is so we can swap info and make sure we aren’t rapist non-lesbian men. :)I’m excited!

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