i am going to write something here today.

it took me a couple moments to figure out how to do this because this crazy place has changed so. i have too. my older posts are exponentially funnier…now all i have to rely on are unnecessary adverbs. i was just lurking around trying to perhaps find a revelatory post for a poem i’m supposed to be writing. it is for a class that meshes black/arab/chicano poetry and history with creative writing, so we also write poems for workshops each week. this week is the first time i am struggling for a subject, because it’s an “eyewitness” poem and i dont have a great memory for things my eyes have witnessed. why didn’t my past self record more shocking happenings! xanga you’re no help.
these few weeks are supposed to be kind of hectic. that’s as strong of a statement i can make since i dont know how to stress. i’m starting a hostess job this week just for the cash.
for my other writing class i need to start/finish a personal essay over spring break (yeah, take that cancun) and i think i’ll springboard off of the modest mouse idea of “other people’s lives seem more interesting cause’ they ain’t mine”. a meditation on people watching? something i can bang out easy-like.

like i said, i feel changed. also, i love humans, really. i just wish they knew so i didn’t have to try to prove it all the time

and just cause i feel like others are updating me a lot, my periods have improved from being mindbogglingly excruciating to completely low-maint. they are so easy like just throw them a few legos in a separate room and they’re good to go for the month. i’d think i was pregnant if i wasn’t so damn celibate

(is anyone out there?)


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  1. i find it rather tender that you can think of your periods as children, as opposed to never-ending streams of sausage link turds.will i cease deadly farting when i’m pregnant? only time will tell. love you boo.

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