because of either heat or too much time in front of a screen or not moving or the combo i’ve been feeling nauseous and dizzy all week. it’s amusing that just tilting my head can render such disgusting feelings. but i always feel better after eating ice cream. it’s a habit one should practice every day.
i finished probably my last book of the summer today; atonement by ian mcewan. apparently a big shot in britain. it’s the second book of his i’ve read but i’m not about to recommend him to anyone. fyi though (damned if i know who “you” are, like anyone reads this) they’re making a movie of it. this summer i started recording what i read so i don’t forget because i’m disappointed that i can’t remember most of the books i did for logs in ap english last year, wth. i made a big dent in my to-read list though; thirty books down! last year i read one whole book for enjoyment during school so the this should count as some buffer since i will probably read none this year. apart from 25 for school.
but rhetoric or celtic studies? can’t decide on what to take for my fun class. i just want to get my major done. wow do i have a huge aversion to hard work. not that this is the only reason, but english is perfect for people who might not want to go out all the time and work around people ALL THE TIME. who like having the option to watch daytime tv while doing something semi-productive. and having an excuse for being too quiet/sensitive/judgemental of the world


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