sounds like i’m pandering to an industry of cool but it’s true

there’s a really short story about a guy who comes home and his significant other is sitting on the futon with a paper grocery bag on her head. first he stands in front of her and makes it obvious he’s watching her. so she knows he’s watching her but she doesn’t really have the power to look back, but it doesnt intimidate her into taking it off or speaking. then he sits next to her and tries to talk to her and ask her what’s wrong. finally, he gets a paper bag and puts in on his head and sits next to her, making lots of noise again so she knows what he’s doing. after a while, she gets up for a drink and doesn’t come back.

so i was saying, the poor guy has almost completely lost before this story happened. the only way he could’ve reacted to maybe make things better was to carry on like normal, talking about his day, perhaps be a little more funny than usual to show her what she’s going to lose. in many of my relationships with friends, potential more than friends, etc…there’s a point where you’re getting close and you start pushing them away slowly because it’s not what you imagined. i’d say subtly, but i never do it subtle, sort of just shut off around them, make smalltalk, but don’t encourage any more bonding. like her paper bag i guess, still absorbing all this stuff he’s doing but cutting off any further connection he has with her head. that really got to me.
or perhaps she’s just strange and enjoys putting things on her head. the thing is everyone’s fucked up and have their own “paper bag” moments. those moments are usually fun and affirm your existence at the same time. for this guy to come in and question her existence (maybe i’m getting too caught up in this story) nonstop is the worst thing he could do. especially if she already has the previous problem. i’m sure everyone’s felt that refreshing shock when one of their weird tendencies are revealed, but the other person takes it in stride like they’ve expected it, and understand it. of course then you play it off like you weren’t shocked. and if you’re lucky, no one ends up crying or getting arrested and you’ve found a really cool friend.


3 thoughts on “sounds like i’m pandering to an industry of cool but it’s true

  1. …What!?!?! Poor guy!! That paper bag trick is so mean…!! Okay, maybe everyone does have their paperbag moments occasionally, but… they shouldn’t!! You can’t just push people away because its not what u imagined… Instead, u should get to know ’em better!! ’cause it could probably end up BETTER than u imagined…Lol, okay, yeah, so I totally took ur story and applied it to a different context altogether, but yeah… i dunno… still seems mean… besides, its dangerous… what if she suffocated? (that’s a metaphor for something…)

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