close to ending the school year! i learned so much this year, maybe 10% of which being academic. berkeley definately educates you though. i’m relieved that it has offered everything i expected and i’m still loving my major. if this were a place i actually write about meaningful things relevant to my everyday life i would elaborate. i am excited for all the family friends’ kids coming to berkeley next year. (“other peoples’ lives seem more interesting cause’ they ain’t mine”) apparently i’m now qualified to give advice to my parents’ friends on how not to fuck up your first year. mine had lots of shitty low points but with any luck they’ll never happen again as i am sophisticated, experienced, and 15 pounds heavier so i can sit on and crush people like my former roommate. (i just made a greek zeugma! learned that in english)
i think i’m trying to write more in this because i’ve gotten addicted to reading this girl’s blog. so much so that i friended her randomly on facebook. she just graduated from NYC, eats a ton of sandwiches and is my hero right now. maybe i will revive this and be pretentious enough to hope anonymous people enjoy reading it like i do her’s.

god wouldn’t it be amazing if i could use my english major to write about stuff i love like music and food and tiny puppies…am i supposed to take mass communications? journalism? american studies? an intimidating cal publication? internship? also i must be able to teach, preferrably at berkeley and own a precious house in the ghourmet ghetto. naturally, i’ve been fantasizing about things at several different points in the future a lot.


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  1. I suddenly think I’m qualified to give advice to people too and then realize that I just like people looking up to me!
    Next year will go for even more learning and such as we are roommates and taking on the world

  2. Hey Beebs,It’s pooner. I got your comment. Thx. Glad to know I’m in your top 3 hahaha But isn’t it sad how we say we’ll miss each other? It, like… implies that we’re probably not gonna see each other, and yet there’s some inevitable truth in it… ::sigh:: Yeah… I dunno… Or maybe since there aren’t anymore Circle K activities, I’m forced to stay in the room with Ester as she plays WoW ALL FRIGGIN’ DAY and maybe that’s what’s making me sad…. ARGH!!!–Woah, wait, you stocked some random giril online via Xanga? How did you even find random people’s xangas to read? That’s cool though hahaOkay, anyways, yeah… Byeeeeeeee

  3. oh but an english major impacts your character.which, like all things we learn in middle school and wrote off because it was too wholesome, uninteresting, and corny, is what counts

  4. oh and sex and kittens, and of course when you aren’t doing those things you are acting as one of the godmother’s to the little madiha’s running around.

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