lesbian sex!

now that i have your attention.

almost every lesbian i know (only counting people who have come out to me) is so cool. we are never best friends but i always get along so well with them. i feel like there have been four cases where i might have had something more if i liked girls. this is too bad because even though i think i’d be just as happy spending the rest of my life with a female i could never enjoy the sexual part. guess this wouldn’t be a problem for some of my floormates who feel that it’s unattached from love. but i love all of them and this is a shoutout to them, even though i kind of hope none of them will find this. why don’t lesbians get along so much with guys? sadly, guys are still an enigma to me as well


3 thoughts on “lesbian sex!

  1. personally, I find girls tiring after a while.yeah i feel as if i dont “get along” with the general population of guys as girls are “supposed to.”whatever i meant by that! hurr :p

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