surreal like dali

so today i was almost late to my three o’clock class and was employing a brisk walk to the classroom, contrary to my usual slow meandering walks. i decided to take this shortcut through a grassy area and suddenly saw this huge squirrel darting here and there, but towards my general direction. i have not been noticing these squirrels here too much probably because they were rampant in ohio as well. for some reason though, i noticed this one. i honestly recall looking into its eyes and thinking how weird it was to be so calm as i was approaching it so quickly. i admit i was also kind of scared and wanted to walk away from it, but did nothing, since i was late for class and am supposedly so much more evolutionarily superior to it and it would have been embarassing to back down to a squirrel. bad move. i figured it would run away once we were at that crucial distance from each other when it would feel threatened, but it only approached faster in my direction. before i knew it, it pounced on my foot, scratching my shoe and nearly getting stepped on. i am still apalled and amazed that this could even happen…of course i had to play it off like nothing but i am sure the person walking behind me was just as shocked. these squirrels are fat and fearless and a menace. they are cute but i am really scared of walking near them now


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