i was just reading something someone wrote about high school that i didn’t experience but could relate to. it was a typical high school conflict, but something you would never have in college [at least the fantastic one i chose]. i am amazed at how everything good i thought college would offer came true. i keep posting about high school and college because i guess i can’t get over this transition yet.

yesterday i worked at a fundraiser pretty much repeating “kalx fundraiser, thanks for pledging” for six hours. i worked with and met some old community members who have been volunteering there for a long time. they are so vivacious.
today i went to eat at a great co-op that i wish i could join where some members cooked a dinner of lentils, roasted potatoes, salad, and duck with apples. they are beautiful
tomorrow i am getting my brainwaves analyzed for my neighbor’s research project. he knows six languages which is all you need to know about him


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  1. oh what I do without bees?I might not come up for winter break = my parents want to take a vacation for the first time in forever. I will still have break afterwards 🙂

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